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Faces Places

Years 2014 - Ongoing
Locations Lithuania, Jordan, France, Georgia, Spain
Theme Places are all about faces
I still remember all my models, however random our encounters were. Was it a granny in rural Georgian bakery waiting for her bus or gorgeous horse-riding lady in Camargue. When you click that camera button, you exchange a pixel or two of your soul with those of your subject. Here`s my collection of pixels.

Rural festival in Camargue, France, 2018. From Tour de France series
Shop owner`s granddaughter, rural Georgia, 2017
Donna, Cinque Terre, Italy, 2019
Taxi driver in Georgia, 2017
On father`s hands, Spain, 2014
Sunkissed, 2019
Postcards, Petra, 2019
Cinque Terre, 2019
Solitude, 2018. From Tour de France series
Georgia, 2017
Georgia, 2017
Stepantsminda, 2017
Ushguli, 2017
Georgia, 2017
Gdansk, 2022
Malta, 2021